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Almost Christmas

This morning I woke up with the startling fact Christmas is 24 days away. I'm not over Thanksgiving but I forced myself to start my list of things I must do. Christmas cards are almost a thing of the past. Because I love receiving cards with news about the people sending them, I continue to send mine out. The cards are my favorite part of the season.

Next on my list are the Christmas parties my various clubs hold. Instead of our usual activities, we have potlucks. It's a time to strengthen our friendships, have conversations we don't have during our meetings and catch up on family news, trips taken, and our individual goals and dreams.

I can't leave out the delicious dishes that end up on our table. We linger over the table a lot longer than normal.

The time I spend with my family members I sometimes don't see for months is top on my list of activities. We get together to drive around ohing and awing over the outside lights, visiting special displays held at the city gardens, some of the local businesses, and a farm with such a fabulous display I wonder how they found time to put it together.

Dinners are spread out between young adults and different families. I never know which day will be my turn, but I'm ready. Christmas with my grandchildren is the highlight. Watching the wonderment in their reactions to Santa visits, decorating Christmas trees, sightseeing, and opening presents is the best gift I receive.

It goes so fast, I'm boggled, but I'll be ready. I hope you have a joyful and wonderful Christmas season.


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