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Visitors, not the people kind, visit me on occasion, and I enjoy them. This summer, I've had a rattlesnake in my kitchen. I don't know how it got there, but it greeted me on my return from town. A wild turkey nested so close to my yard, she drove my dog nuts but did keep him entertained. After hatching her eggs, she disappeared with her brood.

I've had past visitors that usually appear once a year such as a mountain lion, a black bear, a coyote, a weasel, and a large bull elk. The bear likes my apples.

This year, I don't have apples so it may not appear. I blame it on the lack of bees to fertilize the petals. Their numbers have been reduced by pesticides and insecticides. Bayer puts out one that is deadly and not used in the home of the company in Germany. When Trump was president, he removed the ban. I no longer buy Bayer products.

The mountain lion passes through without stopping. Elk are rare visitors.

One large toad and one small toad hang out on my patio. I hope they keep insects in check.


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